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    Welcome to Longframlington Gardens, a horticultural gem set in the beautiful Northumberland countryside.


Longframlington Gardens is being created by Hazel Huddleston MCIHort – as a multi-tasking centre for horticulture plants and gardens. It offers a wonderful place to visit, whether looking for plants to buy for your own garden, looking for a unique garden to visit, or just wanting a beautiful place to find a coffee shop.

Established since 1998 from originally green pasture fields, Longframlington Gardens is being developed in phases. It is being created as a garden to inform and to enjoy with over 1000 different types of trees shrubs and perennials currently planted. The Garden & Arboretum Walk gives you the opportunity to take in the plant collection and the seasonal changes of the planting schemes, in this ‘ Living Exhibition of Plants ’- An informal plantswomans garden set in the peaceful and inspiring Northumbrian countryside.

The Nursery & Plant Centre offers an extensive range of trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, herbs, climbers & rock garden plants for sale – a garden makers range of plants, container grown in hardy conditions, for planting all year round.

For further information about any of our horticultural services and attractions please do contact us.

What there is to see and do at LONGFRAMLINGTON GARDENS

Garden and arboretum – A unique horticultural venue for plant enthusiasts. A living collection & exhibition of garden plants. 12 Acres of walks, landscaped Gardens & Arboretum, ponds, garden art, nature & garden trails, information displays & wild meadow, set in peaceful Northumbrian countryside,

Plant collection & ’Living Exhibition of plants’ – a large collection of thousands of hardy ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcover, climbers, herbs and rock garden plants – planted for all year round interest

Contemporary & quirky design – a purpose created garden for you to enjoy, and gain ideas for your own garden. Based on low maintenance, informality, and all year interest – allowing the plants to show off their flower, foliage, form, bark, textures, fragrance and colours. Hazel Huddleston MCIHort is the gardens owner and designer.

Views to the surrounding countryside

Nature at Longframlington Gardens – a permanent display board showing further information is located in the summerhouse at the entrance to the gardens, and links with the

Wild garden areas and habitats

Climate change interpretation – on display since 2004, this attempts to illustrate the effect climate change will have on nature and our gardens

Rope art – practical, ornamental or just for fun features – originally set up in 2003

Diary of courses events and functionssend us an email request for information

Native tree challenge – a fun way of learning about our native trees, and something for us all to know! Just pick up an entry form at the garden entrance or coffee shop

Gardeners Quiz Maze – refurbished for 2018 – new layout and more questions – A bit of horticulturally themed fun!

Seats in the gardens – Following the upcycling fashion, a display of alternative and quirky seats – An insitu display throughout the garden – made from all manner of things found to use


Let us welcome you as a visitor to longframlington gardens

Exhibitions and collections at Longframlington Gardens include: ‘A damn good walk’, the Hazel Huddleston Plant Collection – a living exhibition of plants (including trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers and ground-cover – now all with labels), ‘Rope Art in the Garden’ – a display of functional and abstract features, and the ‘Climate Change Interpretation’ – an on-going display throughout the garden walks illustrating the effect climate change will have on plants, gardens wildlife and overall environment.

A visit to the gardens and arboretum at Longframlington Gardens is the perfect choice for tourists and locals alike – we’re conveniently located for visitors from the North and North East of England and the Scottish Borders, including Northumberland, Newcastle, Alnwick, Morpeth, Rothbury, Coquetdale, the Northumbrian Coast and Edinburgh.

We’re always happy to answer any queries you have so call us on 01665 570 382. You can also e-mail us by filling in the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page at any time. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful gardens and arboretum very soon.


How to find us

Easy to find: follow the road signs to Longframlington village
10 miles North of Morpeth on the A697. Then at the brown gardens sign, take the B6345 towards Felton for 3/4 mile. View our map here.

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