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Gardens & arboretum

  • 12 acres of gardens established since 1997
  • Home of a growing plant collection & living exhibition of plants
  • Wild meadow areas
  • Nature at the Gardens inc information board display
  • Climate Change interpretation
  • Rope art
  • Owned & designed by horticulturist Hazel Huddleston
  • Garden & plant information

Gardens & Arboretum

the story of the gardens

From pasture fields to gardens, the story so far…
1997 to 2021

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Over 1000 different types of trees, shrubs and perennials have been planted so far. The gardens and arboretum offer interest throughout the seasons, including plant associations, specimen trees and shrubs, and the attraction and beauty of plant flowers, fruits and foliage, colours, shapes, scents and aromatic values, bark and textures. Meandering mown grass paths lead you through from one area to another, creating mini vista lines, and tantalising ‘look through’s’. The Gardens are set in peaceful beautiful Northumbrian countryside.

Visit time – 1-4hrs
Outdoor walking footwear recommended
Dogs allowed – if well behaved and kept on lead at all times


Set up in 2004  by an ex student of Kew Botanic Gardens,  gives an ongoing interpretation of climate change and how it may effect plants and the wider environment. Display boards at information points and throughout the 12 acre gardens, give valuable scientific and practical information on this need to know subject, with practical ways we can all contribute to lowering CO2 emissions, and help conserve our natural biodiversity.


“…. a wonderful place to unwind for a couple of hours, in the beautiful tranquil heart of Northumberland. “

“Visitors catch a glimpse of the gardens as they drive into the Centre, but it is not until you walk through the gardens that you get the full value of the planting schemes. As the seasons progress, the different associations and groupings of plants come into their own. It is hoped the gardens will have something of interest for everyone – the discerning plantsperson and the casual passer-by. Planting design has included all the aesthetic values of plants – flower, foliage, stem, texture, scent, colour, shape – and includes plants of interest for all seasons. A garden would not be a garden, if it did not have water in it somewhere – two large ponds were constructed, with connecting waterway. The heavy soil lends itself really well to moisture loving marginal plants, so favourites such as Hosta, Astilbe, Primula japonica, Filipendula, Polygonum, Ranunculus and of course Gunnera manicata, to name but a few, do really well in the planting scheme. As more and more phases are implemented, and more plants are added to the collection, the more impressive the gardens will become. “

Hazel Huddleston, the gardens owner and designer.

“This is a garden to visit in reality, not virtually! A garden “not the same” because it is like a private garden – certainly not formal, although there are of course different themes of all kinds. (Plants, shapes of beds, seasonal, etc).The sheer amount of different varieties of plants is worth a visit in itself, and choose a good day for weather, because to look at every plant will take some time. It is a garden to live in, where you can see full size shrubs, not just pots, which are better indications of how a particular shrub grows. A chat with the manager will reveal the amount of work it has taken to get to the present stage, and also to discover the future plans.”

From Kathy, France.

Let us welcome you as a visitor to longframlington gardens

Exhibitions and collections at Longframlington Gardens include: ‘A damn good walk’, the Hazel Huddleston Plant Collection – a living exhibition of plants (including trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers and ground-cover – now all with labels), ‘Rope Art in the Garden’ – a display of functional and abstract features, and the ‘Climate Change Interpretation’ – an on-going display throughout the garden walks illustrating the effect climate change will have on plants, gardens wildlife and overall environment.

A visit to the gardens and arboretum at Longframlington Gardens is the perfect choice for tourists and locals alike – we’re conveniently located for visitors from the North and North East of England and the Scottish Borders, including Northumberland, Newcastle, Alnwick, Morpeth, Rothbury, Coquetdale, the Northumbrian Coast and Edinburgh.

We’re always happy to answer any queries you have so call us on 01665 570 382. You can also e-mail us by filling in the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page at any time. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful gardens and arboretum very soon.


How to find us

Easy to find: follow the road signs to Longframlington village
10 miles North of Morpeth on the A697. Then at the brown gardens sign, take the B6345 towards Felton for 3/4 mile. View our map here.

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